Nation War


Nation War

Nations War is considered the most strategic feature of the game, which connects every players in a server.
In Nations War, players from different nations will fight together to occupy as many castles as possible.

Event Camp rewards will be based on Camp members, fewer players, greater rewards.

1. Nation War opens from 20:00 - 20:45 Tuesday, Friday, Sunday.

2. Nation War task settled at 20:45, rewards can be claimed.

3. Each player can deploy max 3 teams.

4. Approach city, eliminate all defenders to occupy.

5. In battle, you can't move freely, but you can retreat to nearby ally cities. You can also rush deeply into enemy's land.

6. The winning team has Tired removed, all stats reduced.

7. Upon dead, return to main city and restore 1/3 force before battle again.

8. After ended, rewards are sent based on Camp's Fame ranking.

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